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Little Jack Who?

Published on December 7, 2009 under Uncategorized

>We have a new rhyming game today. When I checked with the kindergarten teacher that has several of my kiddos and asked her what she thought I might need to work more on – the only thing she could think of was rhyming. Rhyming pictures to be exact- since they cant read. With me not doing worksheets this is a toughie for me. We rhyme in conversation and chants and songs and even with real objects but not with pictures. As I was cruising oriental trading looking for Christmas type projects I found this game. You flip the card over to find the pictures that rhyme. Only a couple of the kids seemed interested in the game today, but I will bring it out periodically.

There was also a new wooden puzzle. Note to self- the puzzles from oriental trading fit too tight and are too hard for the kids to work.
I bought cute little reindeer and put them out today for the kids to count into a numbered tin. Whitlee said ” Ms Debbie,

can I use this tin to sort them into groups also. I said ” Sure! How are you planning to do it?” She replied ” By their collars , they are different colors.” Smart girl, I hadn’t even notices when I took them out of the bag.

Aren’t these cute little Christmas trees? Look at those fingers working to put the tiny sequins on.
We have a new nursery rhyme this week ! One way to practice with your child is start the rhyme and stop and let them finish the line. Example:
Little Jack …..
Sat in a …….
Eating his …..
Little Jack Horner

Sat in the Corner
Eating his Christmas Pie
He stuck in his thumb
Pulled out a plum
And said – What a good boy am I !
Flu shots available Thursday . There will be paperwork to be filled out if you want your child to have it. Also the parent MUST be here at 2 when the child is receiving the shot and then take them home. 🙂


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