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Cause we’ll have fun fun fun….

Published on December 8, 2009 under Christmas


Clara playing at the water table . Notice the water is now red…. no sense teaching colors with flashcards ! There is also a little duck with a santa hat on.

Playing with the leapfrog and watching the rain.

A game the girls made. Check out the names and the lines !

They would jump and then draw a line where they landed and write their name on it .

Sharae and Kynley dancing!

I love seeing happy faces.

And then.. you have other faces….

Sharae and Kynley have “hung out together ” all day. Here they are again tuning those fine motor skills by peeling stickers. Stickers offer great fine motor practice !

Audrey will grow up to be a dancer – I am sure of it!

Pretty friends faces.

Danny working at the water table – in disguise.

Cute huh?

Old buddies.

New Buddies…

Remembering Little Jack Horner from yesterday. I am so proud!

Found this little fellow in my resource box. He has been watching the kids all day !

Another great Christmas fine motor activity is decorating a mini- tree !

See, I wrote my name !

Beautiful picture.

Math Mat…. there are ten of these. If it says 1 they put one ornament on the tree ( button ).
If there are two…… three…..
We had another fun day. I am so glad I took pictures so I can remember to tell you most of it. Some of it I wrote down during observations with every intention of telling you about and now I can’t find my tablet. If I find it … and I will…. I will tell you more about our day and the dictations I took today ! There were some wonderful positive interactions between the kids that I wanted to share with you!


  1. Jessica

    Oh my goodness. Those girls are so CUTE!! Clara doesn't get to play like that at home, ever. Or should I say, she's never the one getting to set the scenario. 🙂 Thanks Mrs. Debbie.

  2. Ms Debbie

    Yes, Clara was the ring leader on the rock scissors game. She said " No.. now you have to do scissors…" The did the traditional bumps and then Anna with a little effort ( you could almost SEE her thinking ) formed her fingers into scissors.

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