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Row Row Row Your Boat

Published on November 19, 2009 under building community


Clara reading a book and playing with the new puppets.

New puppets I made from scrap booking materials! Love them!

Book and Puppets!

Clara wrote a note to hang on Jaden’s cubby! LOVE IT!

There are new file folder games for the table and to take home. You can check them out just like you do books. Thanks Ellen for helping me finish this project !

A baby wrapped in Rabbit Fur … someone has been listening! 🙂

Took the old geo board back out today. The kids really like this and it is great fine motor practice!

Kynley being silly with some of our art materials. Today I put some bulletin board cut outs of a turkey and a cornucopia out on the back of a shelf. Kynley noticed this and said ” Ms Debbie, what do we do with this?” This makes me smile. I do believe in making our room beautiful but also a learning environment , so most everything I put out has a purpose and is useful. Thanks for the pat on the back Kynley ! 🙂
And now.. for the moment you have all been waiting on.. our version of Row Row Row your Boat ! This is a sneak preview, we will be doing it at our feast.

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  1. *Nikki*

    I live in Arkansas…I am also teaching in an ABC program and had to finalize today. I love work sampling because it lets me know where each child stands…my biggest problem is organizing how to document..I like your 3 ring binder idea….any other ideas?

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