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Indian Vest

Published on November 20, 2009 under cooking with kids


Today was an adventurous day. I don’t know if you have figured out or not , but I CRINGE when it comes time to do teacher directed crafts. Today we made indian vest to go with our headdresses and next week will will string colored macaroni for necklaces. Teacher directed crafts may look a little prettier than the normal art pieces you get home that are random pieces of things stuck together with a HUGE amount of glue and then painted.. but they are a real time sucker for me. The children did work on the vest in small groups today but it took 2 and a half hours to get them all completed. By the time everyone has had a turn, I think of the many interactions I missed and stories I could have been reading. Oh well….. sometimes we just have to. 🙂

Randy cut a pineapple open today with a new cutter we got from pampered chef. Incase you are wondering it really does work. You have to decapitate the pineapple first but then it works just like an apple corer. The kiddos will sample that fresh pineapple this afternoon.
Moon sand.. oh how they love it. Ellen, Anna’s mom, brought me a recipe for homemade moon sand. I am going to try it and if it works, I will post it for you!


  1. Ms Debbie

    Normally I do use the term " Native American " I have used that a LOT this month with the children. My great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian.. and that is how she would have said it. Obviously, I have offended the anonymous poster… I apologize.

  2. Michelle

    Love the idea of the border!! We have always used the construction paper or I will tape together the oak tag paper… never good. Great Idea!! We will use it this week!! Thanks so much!!

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