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Last week of summer preschool!

Published on July 21, 2009 under homes

>This is our last week of the summer session; August 19th will be the start of the new school year, both for the kindergartners and the preschoolers. We have had such a fun summer that I cannot believe that has been 10 weeks already…time sure flies when you are having fun like we have at school.

Our unit this week is focusing on homes. We are learning about where people and animals live: houses, trailer homes, apartments, duplexes, caves, stys, lodges, hives, castles, etc. We read A House for Hermit Crab and did activities this morning about homes. One activity was cutting out various household items and placing them onto a house shape in the appropriate area. It was very interesting where the children put the various items. One child, for instance glued the scissors onto the bedroom space because he said he likes to do art in his room at home, while another glued them in the kitchen because she said her mom uses scissors sometimes when she is cooking. This activity was available all morning and I think almost all of the children did it. When they finished their homes, we put them on the wall to compare what the houses looked like. A few had glued every single item in the bedroom, because they said that’s where they keep all their things! We also made our books about homes to color and read.
Keegan and Whitlee had a good time building in the block center this morning, while Adam and Jadan and Sharae enjoyed Ms. Beth reading lots of books. Mykah and Katie had fun pretending in the dress up room.
After circle time we made a special snack to enjoy this afternoon…mud and worms! I had been telling the children we were going to eat mud and worms, and they were insistent that they were not going to try it. When they realized it was pudding and gummy worms, they quickly became eager to try! Funny how that works…isn’t it? We each took turns smashing up Oreo cookies with a rolling pin and hammer, and mixing the milk and pudding together and stirring in the cool whip. We then got to spoon the mixture into a cup and top it off with “dirt” and gummy worms. They love cooking projects when they can be involved. It is such a treat for them, and I am sure we will enjoy them this afternoon. 🙂


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