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Now this is what I call summer weather!

Published on July 17, 2009 under Uncategorized

>I knew this morning coming to work that we must take advantage of this wonderful cooler (80’s!) summer weather. My courage is not quite up to the walk to Barnett’s, but I thought we would definitely go to the park for some playtime. The children were very excited when I told them during circle time that we were going. We did our calendar and morning message listened to The Napping House, and I read This is the House That Jack Built. Then we lined up to go to the park and we were off!

I was surprised when we got to the park that we were the only ones there! I am by no means complaining, but just thought there would be more kiddos and mommmies taking advantage of the cooler temperatures. We played and swung for about 45 minutes, and then headed into the library to turn in our summer reading logs. We have read enough that we all got to pick a prize! We have been waiting for this all summer, and were so delighted to get to choose our reward. Tattoos, rings, plastic bugs, and coupons for free french fries were what we chose. On our way out of the library, we spotted a community helper-a pilot in his uniform. I asked the children “what do you think this gentlemen does”? “He protects people!” “Well…” I said, “I think he flies an airplane. What do we call someone who flies an airplane?” Silence for a moment as the gentleman awkwardly stands there holding the door for us to exit. “A commander?” Adam responds. I smile quickly at the pilot and shuffle the kids out the door. Poor guy. As we walk along the sidewalk, I turn to my precious children and say “Isn’t it exciting we got to see a pilot?!” honest to goodness, one of the children said “Not really.”
From the mouths of babes, right?

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