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Bike Washing

Published on July 8, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Today was a great day…we started in centers and many of us flocked to the block center to use the blocks to make a zoo for our animals. We wrote on the signs in the block center “zoo” and “Please do not feed the animals!” They enjoyed setting up the zoo together. When the zoo was complete we moved on to using the wood blocks to stand on and “skate” all around the room. Man, I wish we had a skating rink in Siloam. That would be an awesome field trip! During circle time, we charted which zoo animal we would let sleep in our bed at home. Monkey, gorilla, giraffe, etc. We played animal charades again as promised. We did a phonological awareness activity using the letter “F”. They are so good at those and have alot of fun learning. After lunch we went outside for water play. I bought sponges, buckets, soap, spray bottles, etc. and we had a bike wash. This was by far a hit. They worked so well together, washing, rinsing and drying all the outside trikes, scooters, and bikes. We will definitely do it again…they LOVED it!


  1. Michelle

    Love that flexibility also… your lucky you can walk to the Library and not worry about car rides. It sounds like you had a great time and what a wonderful experience!! We are off to the farm today for a hayride and picnic!! Can't wait!!

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