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A good day for a picnic…or not

Published on July 10, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Today was a great Friday as we finished up our zoo study. The kids are so excited to go to the Safari on Tuesday. They wonder if it is like the zoo? I say no, we will touch some animals in the petting area, but have to drive around to see the others because they stay in their habitats. It is so nice that we have something like the safari so close that we can take a day and go to it. It will be our first BIG field trip, and thank goodness I have a mom to help me. Other parents have mentioned that they may go to, which is wonderful, but the pressure is on to make it a success. I have never been to the safari before, so I hope that we do good. I am sure we will do good. It will be great, I am sure. I have great kids that are excited to go and see animals up close. Now if we can get it to be not so hot…

Today in circle time we played a game of Zookeeper, Zookeeper, Where Is Your Key? We played this game yesterday, and it was a huge success. One person sits in the middle of the circle and closes their eyes (today we used a blindfold to do away with the peeking), and I point to a student to sneakily tiptoe to the middle of the circle and steal the zookeeper’s key. Then the zookeeper uncovers his or her eyes and has three chances to guess who took the key. Yesterday it took at least three rounds before I could convince the children to not whisper the name of who has the key. Or point to them. It’s funny how hard a secret it is to keep! Anyway, they really like this game, and we have already said we will play it again after naptime.

When it was time for lunch we took a vote to go outside for a picnic. Silly Ms. Beth! We got out there and it was just plain HOT. Even under the shade of the umbrella it was really warm. We did good eating and getting inside to cool off, but I think next time I will be the judge of whether or not a picnic is appropriate. Today is definitely a popsicle day!


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