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Sunny Monday

Published on June 1, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Today was great! We began our new week of “Over in the Ocean”. We played this morning, and enjoyed some new water table toys: different colored dolphins to catch, sort, and count. In circle time, we read 3 books about different kinds of fish and a fish counting book. We charted what we think we would find in the ocean and are going to compare it to what we learn this week. We recapped what we did over the weekend as well. After nap we will sort and classify animal flashcards that Ms. Beth puts all around the classroom.

Some of the children made more funoodle creations, and two girls discovered and explored the magic of a hole punch.

Adam is gone this week, so Jaxson is our only boy. So far, he is doing fine, but we will see how it goes as the week progresses!

While we were outside, Jaxson, Whitlee and Sharae went all around the yard watering the plants. The others liked to splash in the water that collected on the walkway. Some of us got quite wet…”on accident” they claimed. I think we may be ready to start our Wet Wednesdays soon! I will send home a note regarding that later this week!

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  1. Jessica

    We still have one alive tadpole!! I found out they need dechlorinated water and lettuce to eat. I hope ours turns into a frog this summer! It’s still tiny like when we caught it.

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