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Rainy Day toys

Published on June 16, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Well, the rain was with us this morning, and the sun did come out, but much to our dismay it did not dry up the playground enough to go outside. We instead had lots of fun playing with our rainy day toys. Ms. Beth brought a game from home called Cranium Hullabaloo. The kids really had fun, and celebrated after each round no matter who won. It is a game that requires us to listen and follow directions to different points all around the room, all the while spinning, crawling, dancing, and acting like animals and playing pretend musical instruments. The hour flew by, and aside from the sand tub which held 10 tiny dinosaurs to be dug out, there was not much else being played with. I’ll leave it here for the rest of the summer because if there is another rainy day, I know they will want to play it again.

We worked on our special Father’s Day craft this morning. I am working on it in steps to avoid any secrets being spoiled too early in the week. I know, it’s inevitable, but at least I can try to keep them guessing what it will turn out to be! We played in centers, and on the manipulative tables we had out lots of dinosaur stampers as well stencils to create dino-rubbings and little dinosaurs with patterning cards and a puzzle.

In circle time, we re-read Danny and the Dinosaur, paying more attention today to the details in the illustrations we missed yesterday. How many children are riding on the dinosaur’s back, is the dinosaur taller than the building, etc. We created a dinosaur web on the dry erase board showing all we have learned about dinosaurs so far. We will keep it up and keep adding to it throughout the week. We discussed the concept of the term “long, long ago” and just how much time that really is. We decided it was before there were people o the Earth. Adam also concluded it was “before there was water and people had to us the water pump to take baths outside” while Jaden thinks it was when her mom was a little girl…yikes. Sorry, LuAnna.

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