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Published on June 17, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Today we all came in to school super excited about our first Wet Wednesday. We played in centers with many interruptions of questions “When will we go play in the water? Can I be the first one to get wet? Are you going to play in the water, too, Ms. Beth? Why will you melt if you get wet?”, and so on.

We did an activity called write the room, where we copy vocabulary words onto a paper as we walk around the room to find them. We checked on our fossils from yesterday and found them a lot harder than we left them yesterday. Whitlee found out the hard way that they are no longer bendable when hers broke in her hands.

Adam and Whitlee liked watching Ms. Beth put together the craft we have been working on this week. Lots of questions and learning about how and why a hot glue gun gets hot and why we cannot touch it even when Ms. Beth can. Another teachable moment!

I circle time, we continued learning about dinosaurs, and included a lot of dinosaur vocabulary today and discussed what the words meant. They surprise me with all they can remember even if I have only mentioned it once or twice. We read The Littlest Dinosaur, and Piggy and Daddy go fishing. We also listened to Dinorumpasaurus. It had alot of action words in it.

We headed outside after lunch to… play in the water! We were screeching and shrieking so loud that Ms. Gloria came out of her house next door to see what all the fuss was about. We hooked up the sprinkler, and had three buckets to be filled over and over again. We also had three big water squirters we took turns with. It was alot of fun, and the hour flew by so fast. I asked them what they wanted to do different next time and they said “nothing“! I think I will take that as a successful first waterplay day!


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