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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

Published on June 3, 2009 under Rainy Day Fun

>Who says rainy days can’t be fun? We had so much fun playing inside today!

This morning during free choice centers, we had alot of dramatic play going on. We only had 6 children here, so it was great they all got a chance to play TOGETHER! Guess what they played? School! haha At some point, Sharae got her name changed to “Sharesa” (rhymes with Teresa) by Mykah. I am guessing Mykah was the teacher. Then they switched to playing house, and while you would think with Jaxson being the only boy, he would have been elected the father…nope! The dog. He crawled all around barking and panting. Later Jaxson and Sharae discovered the mini fishing pole in the water tub. It has magnets that help catch a crab, seahorse, and octopus. They were thrilled to catch and release those ocean critters. We worked on our In the Ocean books this morning, and used watercolors to paint fish that we will bedazzle this afternoon like the Rainbow Fish we read about.

During circle time, we got look at sea animals and discuss how they protect themselves. We also explored sea shells both big and small and talked about how they can protect smaller ocean animals. We took a survey of what ocean animal we would be if we had a choice and why. If we were in the ocean, we would have 3 fish, 2 sharks and a dolphin in our class!

After lunch we got out the rainy day toys and were very excited to play with them. We got to play hopscotch, bowling, pogo ball, beanbag toss, stilts, and in the sandbox Ms. Beth his ten teeny-tiny fish we had to try to dig out.

Lots of fun, but hope the sun comes out tomorrow!


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