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Welcome Sunshine!

Published on June 4, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Today was another day with only 6 kiddos…not so quiet, though. This morning we had a serious game of hide and seek. The only problem we encountered was that everyone wants to hide, leaving no seekers. We got it straightened out, and played for along time.

To continue with our ocean week, in the manipulative center we had the opportunity to measure and record different ocean animals: jellyfish, seahorse, starfish & shark. We also had a ocean matching game and sorting and classifying seas shells according to size, type, etc.

In circle time, we did the Macarena Month song and I am proud to say that we have it mastered…in less than a week! Smart kids, I tell ya! We read The Fish Who Cried Wolf, and played another couple of rounds of Fish, Fish, Shark. We brought back the Name on the Plate game, and backwards name game. We also charted the creature in the ocean that are the biggest, smallest, meanest, etc.

We played outside and had a good time on the front lawn with the beach balls. Ms. Beth also bought a new butterfly/bug catching net, but all we caught was a Jaxson. We decided he was a bumble bee.


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