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My Dad

Published on February 28, 2009 under Uncategorized

I dont have a lot to write about today. My mom called at 7:15 to let me know she and my dad were headed to the ER in Fayetteville. Dad was up all night with chest pains. As it turns out, he did have a heart attack. We dont know what damage was done yet or what their plan is . Dad is on a blood thinner and they cant do anything until that wears off . So… he is in the hospital waiting. It was good for my mom. I know that sounds crazy. But I think she felt good being able to take care of him for a change……

Dad is ok for now.
The kids had fun and they lived through the day…
They even learned a little along the way.
Randy and Kayla did a great job implementing my lesson plans. YAY! .

I am a poet and didnt know it!


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