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Debbie’s Back

Published on March 9, 2009 under Uncategorized

>I am back in preschool today  ! Preschool sure beats a CCU waiting room any day !

Today we introduced “What is Spring! ”  The kids had  some really great answers.  It was wonderful to look outside and see the green buds on the trees.  We read a book about Spring and talked about  the verse: 
March comes in like lion and goes out like a lamb. 
We talked about the differences in lions and lambs and what this verse might mean.
As the kids lined up they  roared like lions and we made lion face masks. In all honesty they dont look much like lions.  I was scatter brained after leaving the hospital last night and  forgot the yellow and brown yarn  so we used yellow and orange crepe paper.  They look  more like sunshines than anything.  Oh well , days like this I remind myself it is more the process than the product.    Tomorrow we will make the lamb mask. SURELY we cant mess that one up right?
Thanks everyone for checking on me and praying for my dad.  The doctor today said a couple more days in CCU , then a regular room, then MAYBE home.  


  1. Deanna

    OH spitting is my pet peeve too! Gracie never spit, but all Katie has to do is see someone spit and she joins along – drives me crazy!! the boats sound fun! i want to see that Bass Pro Shop thing, it sounds cute!

  2. Jessica

    Well if it’s true spitting, as in, where spit issues forth, I’d be surprised because I have NEVER seen the kids do that. However. They do that stupid childish sound thing where they stick out their tongue and blow air out. That is what we call “spitting” at home. So I’m assuming that’s what they did at school. And it was dealt with. As usual. But extra so yesterday afternoon because of the note being sent home.

  3. AustinCarrie

    Okay so I just found your blog and as a fledgling preschool teacher (well currently an assistant but I’m moving up in the ranks in June!) I just had to comment that at our school the other day I saw something just as disgusting as spitting (which granted is pretty gross in itself.) Two kids were licking each others tongues! Blech! In the two months I’ve been working at this preschool, I have said keep your tongue in your mouth more than I ever thought possible!

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