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Keepers of the stuff?

Published on February 3, 2009 under Uncategorized

>I do’nt know why but this week I have felt more like  Miss Mary.  The children are all so busy learning and doing and doing and learning that it just feels GOOD!

Here are some of the ooey gooey ladies philosophies.  

  • Long periods of uninterrupted free time for exploration and interaction with educational materials and activities that promote curiosity and wonder.

  • Freedom to explore the environment with few restrictions which is possible because we have removed the “no-no’s” from the classroom environment.

  • The hiring of teachers and staff who realize that the secret to good teaching is learning how to control the environment, not the children.

  • Teachers and staff who serve as facilitators for the children, thus making their exploration of the environment easier. We discourage teachers being the “keepers of the stuff.”

  • Lots of outdoor play time in a yard filled with safe yet exciting opportunities for adventure.

  • Children being given the opportunity to have experiences that are real.

    I think we are right on track.. how about you?


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