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Ground Hog Day

Published on February 2, 2009 under Uncategorized


Today has been a fun day. If you  remember my post about ” Miss Mary’s house” , today I TOTALLY felt like Miss Mary.  To the left see the massive 3D Art that Elliot has made, he called it his airplane, so today we spray painted it!

Halle LOVED the new playdoh!
I made new homemade playdoh for the kids- they loved it!
Halle lost a tooth over the ice break!
Hearts are everywhere.
The kids were measuring everything!
A matching game I made from paint chips!
New block center people- I think we know these kids!
One to One !
Matching and fine motor!
Adam loves the new safety vest I bought!
Today we talked about ground hog day.  Adam had a conversation with his dad this morning so he was little walking WIKKI for us!  We listened to a book on tape and found out these things too:
There are three names for a ground hog
   1.  groundhog
   2. Whistle pig
   3.  Wood Chuck
They climb and swim.
They sleep or hibernate all winter.
If he sees his shadow there are 6 more weeks of winter . ( The shadow scares him back in his den)
He is kin to a squirrel.
LOTS of learning going on today! 
Welcome back!

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  1. Preschool Playbook

    I still have a clothesline which I love. My aide at school always makes fun of me, but what can I say, maybe I’m an old soul, or scared to death of the electric bills form washing and drying clothes for 7 people:).

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