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Randy is gone.

Published on January 12, 2009 under Uncategorized

>Ok, if that scared you a little, he is only gone for today and tomorrow. He is doing worksampling training in Little Rock. Worksampling is learning better ways to take observation notes on the kids and enter them in the computer for assessment. He called and talked to the kids on speaker phone. The loved that! It is good for him to be able to go do this. Usually it is me.

I got ” the call” for my 90 day window for my quality inspection. That means that any time from january 23 – April 23 I can expect them to show up and watch us, listen to us, count every toy that I own and hopefully prove again this year, that we are a quality site!

I like to do “over heards ” sometimes. Here are a few:

” My mom said Freak!”

” My daddy cooks hamburger helper”

” You guys are both my buddies.”

” Hurry , do it before Ms Debbie sees you.”

Then there was this whole conversation:

Ms debbie : I have the hiccups, I think I will hold my breath and count to 10. I have heard that helps make them go away.”
Child: How do you count if your mouth is closed? ( GOOD QUESTION!)
Ms Debbie: well….. You now when your mommy tells you to do something and you dont really want to but you know if you say something back you will get in trouble, but in your head where no one can hear you , you say… no, I dont want to!”? It is like that… you count in your head!
Child: Oh.. like this! MM, MM, MM, MM, MM, ( making the M sound with eyes closed and concentrating! )

It was funny….


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