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Lets go to the park!

Published on January 9, 2009 under Uncategorized

>We had a fun day today. Since the weather was still warm we decided to treat the kids with an impromptu trip to the park. They had a blast ! We played duck , duck , goose. It is funny. Not all the kids really understand how to play. The run the wrong direction and across the middle. The ones that do know dont put up a fuss, so I let them carry on!

This was the funniest part of the day. Elliot has the most active imagination that I have seen on a child his age. The kids were playing hide and go seek at the park. When Gavin started counting he immediately dropped to his knees and said ” I am going to be a rock statue so he cant see me” Of course, Gavin ran straight to him. Elliot was a little miffed that Gavin didnt understand that he shouldnt be able to see ” Elloit” if he had turned into a rock statue. Hilarious!

Biance got a little boo boo on her chin and Halle was trying to make her feel better. It is great the way these kids love each other.
Friends… ” Look Ms Debbie, we are almost there!”
Dont Break the Ice. Great game for a winter unit but I hate putting that thing together!
Matching game I made from snow flake stickers and juice lids!

Counting Game.

Today. Was. Another. Good. Day.
Have a wonderful weekend!


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