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Leaf Raking

Published on November 8, 2019 under Winter

As the children entered the yard to play today many of our leaves had fallen from the trees. As per tradition, they almost all drop in one night. The kids found the playground completely covered with a carpet of green.

Today a crew of them set out to making a pile to jump in.

They used all kinds of different tools.

They had to work out a plan. Working together is not always easy

Waiting for the leaf pile was hard for some. Others that were not involved in the fun wanted to interrupt and drive through the leaves. Our worker bee friends had to talk them down and explained that they were still working.

This went on for the whole time children were outside today.

There are many benefits to the activities that took place today. First off, the reality of our season changing and the leaves falling to the ground became very real. We are no longer walking around finding a yellow and red leaf here and there — there is a carpet of fallen leaves.

Secondly there are many social interactions as the children work through this process. They were tears at times. We took a moment to breathe and continued.

There was exercise as the children used their gross motor skills to build the pile of leaves.

It was math as the children talked about the huge pile or adding more leaves,

But more than anything it was just fun. Do you remember working possible leaves as a child with the intention to jump in them? These are the things memories are made of.  


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