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Puzzle Power

Published on October 7, 2019 under Winter

Puzzles help kids develop eye hand coordination, and other important skills. Learning to control hands and fingers according to information received from their sight is a coordination skill that aid children in early attempts of reading and writing.

Three or four piece wooden puzzles in which each piece fits into its own hole are usually the first type of puzzle given to toddlers. As children mature and advance their abilities to rotate pieces to match holes and find pieces that fit, they can handle increasingly complex puzzles

Puzzles are a good quality learning tool to have at home that is fun. You can pick them up at yard sales, thrift shops and library’s. Homemade puzzles are great too. Find pictures in magazines or cereal boxes, or a box of their favorite food and cut it in pieces and have them put together.

Children who are developing the ability to use scissors can use magazines pictures to create their own puzzles. Making and playing with puzzles offer concrete experiences for young children to develop hand eye coordination as well as cognitive skills. 


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