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Inner voice

Published on October 2, 2019 under Winter

Today as I watched the boys play I had an epiphany. I’m sure it’s not anything that no one has heard before but it was re-emphasized to me in front of my eyes. I watched Levi stand in front of the flower border that comes up to his knees and jump straight over it without any thought.

I was reminded of when I would go to the gym, Yes , at one time I went to the gym every day and had a trainer. The hardest thing for me was a box jumping. For some reason it scared me to death. I was always afraid I would miss the step or fall. Even the tiny step scared me to death. There was a voice inside my head saying” you can’t do it. You’re going to fall. You’re too big.” Sometimes I would try and be successful – other times I just absolutely would walk away. As I watched Levi jump the flower border I thought it never even occurred to him that he couldn’t make it over that pointy black flower border. The thought never crossed his mind that he would not be successful. There’s no inner voice for Levi that tells him he can’t do it – which is a good thing. The things we say to our kids every day (even unintentionally) builds that inner voice. that says you can do it or maybe you can’t. I wanna make sure when they hear my voice in their head it absolutely shouts “YOU’VE GOT THIS! DO IT KID. DO ALL THE THINGS. CHANGE THE WORLD !” What inner voice are you building ? 


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