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Hugs For Everyone

Published on October 11, 2019 under Winter

I keep telling you this year is different and it’s really hard to explain other than saying all the kids are just so ” chill.” I think we always know that the kids love us – they are with us seven hours a day – day in and day out -sure they love us . But this year it’s quite evident !

Throughout the day at any given moment a child can be found in our laps reading a book sitting so close to us that we can feel their heartbeat. I had two kids Monday that told me I smell like cake or a pancake. Other days I might’ve been BUSTED but not that day. I’m not sure why I had a sweet smell but they kept coming and sniffing me.

Building connections and making these kiddos feel safe is the most important job that we have. I always thought my favorite age group was four and five-year-olds but I really think I’ve grown to love three-year-olds. There’s nothing like a genuine hug from a three-year-old for no reason at all that can melt your heart.

Have I told you lately I love my job ? 


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