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Happy birthday Johnny Appleseed

Published on September 26, 2019 under Winter

Today as parents came in there were tiny apple pies set aside especially for the parents. There’s no reason they should miss all the fun.

Thanks to those that brought in different Apple products. We will be tasting them all morning.

In the morning circle we watched a very short clip about Johnny Appleseed so we would know what today is all about.

Watch it here !

Johnny Appleseed was known for planting apple trees but he was more known for being kind to people animals and.

Our first activity we tasted red, yellow, and green, apples and determined which is our favorite. We made a graph. Those that could write their name did.

Our next teacher directed activity 😝 Was a big book called “I am an Apple.”

It taught us about the lifecycle of an apple. Some people don’t know that apples start out as flowers.

We learned a new poem :

Way up HighIn the Apple tree

Two little apples smiled at me

I shook that tree as hard as I could

Down came the apples

mmm mmmm Good.

Throughout the morning I would call the children to the carpet and we would taste many different apple flavored Products that you guys brought in. We tasted apple flavored cereal bars, danishes, pies, apple butter, cookies—, so many Apple products we might turn into apples.

Together we made our snack for the afternoon -a homemade apple pie.

And of course on our lunch plate was a piece of apple pie.

We read another book that was a Cherokee folktale about an apple tree.

I think I did enough teacher directed activities to last until the next holiday. 😳😬.

This used to be my life directing children all day – calling them out of their play. It exhaust me. I’m sure it exhaust the children as well. When I hear teachers that are frustrated… Now I am reminded why. Perhaps the style of teaching is exhausting them.

It’s funny as the thunder tube rang you could hear The children say” but I’m not the coloring” , or ” do we have to come? ”

When children are engaged deeply in their own play they don’t like to be interrupted. Adults are like that too right? That is why the majority of our time here is spent letting them dig deeper in their own play

Tomorrow we resume our regular schedule.



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