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Published on September 5, 2019 under Winter

You can learn so much about children just by listening to the conversations. Today I spent some time sitting at the table with the kids playing Play-Doh , They all were cooking something. One child asked me did I want bacon and sausage . Another child said she was fixing yummy pancakes. Still another child said she was rolling tortillas. And then the last child said they were making homemade salsa. As a teacher I can learn much about the culture of my families just my listening to my children and enjoying conversation.

Another way we learn is with toys that are intentionally put out. We have cell phones and old-school phones available for the children. What do they learn playing with these? Well not a lot unless the teacher engages with them. Can you call my dad? What number do I dial? And then you give them the numbers and help them find them on the phone. This is so much more fun than flash cards.

“Ms Debbie I wrote letters to everyone and I’m going to deliver them. ”

Today was the day we did our monthly self portrait.

We can already see improvement in some.

August –


Another August


It was another spectacular day.


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