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Where’s Waldo?

Published on August 9, 2019 under Winter

Or where is Debbie?

One of my goals this year is to spend less time out of the classroom. Ha ! You say as the first week of school I am out for part of the day. I was invited to be part of an advisory Council for our high school trade and technical division. In other words, being on this council I can impact the things that are taught to our children in the child development classes. I can help them find a way to get the students credentialed so that when they enter the workforce and are actually with children they are more qualified than they would be otherwise. I feel like that’s a worthy impact. Today I invested 1030-1200 in that while your kiddos where in my care.

I try to be transparent with my families and let them know when I’ll be gone and why . Sometimes you may see I am just gone for self-care. I’m trying to find more ways for Randy and I to stay connected in ways that are not related to our business. As we speak Randy and I are headed to Branson for the weekend to celebrate his 67th birthday. I think you’ll find that we are much better teachers when we spend time away.

I wear a lot of hats but I want to let you know even when I’m gone the most important hat that I wear is the one I wear with your children. It’s important to me that the level of quality remains the same no matter who is in charge.

That’s a fact.


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