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Water water …

Published on August 27, 2019 under Winter

Between the storm last night and the rain barrel we had pouring going on everywhere today. The more children are allowed to fill and dump outside the more successful they will be inside when they are using real materials . How wonderful will it feel when you hand your child a glass of milk and they can handle it without spilling? Or maybe even they will get to the point they can pour their own milk!

We have been using many MANY cloths for drying hands. I’ve been trying to fold these for three days- today I decided why?

The kids don’t care if they are folded in the basket and most likely you’ve not even noticed. So maybe I have a new method wash dry throw in the basket.

The children have enjoyed “The Book Without Pictures” so much that I thought they might enjoy making a book of their own today. We read the book again with a steady stream of laughter and then we talked about writing our own book. We got through about four pages. The main thing they wanted the book to say was ” boo-boo but” – which for them is the funniest part of the other book. About halfway in the activity I realized that we were not ready for this yet… have no fear we will return.

The children are still forming relationships that we hope will last a lifetime. It’s really a joy to watch them begin to have more conversations and truly enjoy being together.


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