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Children and Pets

Published on April 15, 2019 under Winter

Most children love animals, whether they are watching lions or gorillas at the zoo, running with the family dog or feeding the classroom guinea pig. This natural attraction is the perfect opportunity for children to learn some basic concepts about the animal world and to care for something other than themselves.

Pets, like people have basic needs: such as a place to live, the right foods to eat, and water to drink. Each animal however has specific housing and food needs. Even young children can learn these things. They can learn that parakeets depend on people to keep their cages clean and that cats need frequent litter box changes.

Children also learn that different animals must be handled in different ways. They learn to be gentle with small animals, and they realize that they must help some pets get exercise.

Some families are not allowed to have cats or dogs in the house they rent or live in. Small animals that live in aquariums or cages, such as fish, hermit crabs, or hamsters, make ideal pets in the situations.

Other families choose not to own pets because of allergies or preferences. Children and these families may learn at school about caring for live animals. Some kids even pretend to care for stuffed pets at home.

Since our dog ( Sport ) died before school started we have not replaced a pet in our home. Some days we think we might would love to have another small dog but then other days we enjoy the freedom of being able to leave without making special arrangements. Next year I may add a Lionhead rabbit to our Preschool family. I recently saw one at the sunshine Montessori school and loved the idea of it. I’m trying to side whether I will love the idea of cleaning the cage.😳

Today miss Holly brought some pets from their home. She brought baby chicks

. The children enjoyed looking at them, asking questions and petting them.

Whatever children’s particular experiences with pets, these enhance kids sense of responsibility and caring .


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