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Left or Right

Published on March 13, 2019 under Winter

We have been counting down the days to our Leprechaun hunt. There’s a green L on Friday’s date on the calendar.

We were doing an Irish jig today and the directions were dance left / dance right. I thought 🤷🏻‍♀️ why not ? Do you know the finger trick with the letter L ? Hold both hands in front of your face displaying an L. The L that looks right ( facing the correct direction ) is your left side. We practiced a few times and most of the kids were pretty successful.

( from ourhomecreations. Blogspot)

I’ve been trying to spend more floor time with the kids just listening, observing and talking – having conversation. When you do that kiddos are more apt to crawl in your lap. Relationships trump academics when you are 3-5.

Remember I told you we gave individual goals set for each child ? One of the goals we work constantly on is following directions the first time. If I say ” put the puzzle away .” I want them to put it away without me saying it ten times. I also want them to follow directions the first time because “that’s just what a responsible person does” and not because they are scared of me. It takes patience and follow through. I have to give the direction and watch for the follow through. Until this becomes consistent I can’t walk away. It’s usually our lack of attention that allows children to become that child that you have to tell them 10 times to put their shoes on. Does this happen at home ? I challenge everyone to give clear instructions ( put your coat on now ) and be patient for the follow through and acknowledge ” you did it. I said put your coat on and you did it the first time. If we all work on the same goal I am sure we will see great progress.

We had a fire drill today. I asked ” but it’s raining .. should we still go outside if the house is on fire ?” Answers I got –

No .

We need to get our umbrellas ☔️.

We could go in the basement.

Of course we reiterated that no matter what- if the house is on fire we go outside.

It’s been a fun day. Savanna’s mom came to play. The kids asked her to share these pics.


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