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What’s Cookin’?

Published on February 19, 2019 under Winter

Yesterday I said “Hey! Do you want to cook something tomorrow?” Of course the reply was “yes!” So we did.

Today we made banana pudding ! First we made the pudding.

Then we cut the bananas .

The last step was adding vanilla wafers and putting it all together. I didn’t taste it but it sure looked yummy.

FYI – We have several kids who flat out refuse to eat their food. Today we had chicken legs , garlic bread , baked potato and peaches. Pretty normal food… not a lot of texture issues with this meal. Children that ate their lunch were given the banana pudding. That’s a hard call as a teacher but everything in me is against rewarding bad food choices with sugar. We had some sad faces and I get it but we want to grow healthy bodies and that means not skipping the healthy food cooked for you and going straight for dessert.

This time of year is exciting as I see more and more writing around the room.

The drawings are getting better and better too.

When you trust the process it works.


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