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Those Nasty Disgusting Germs

Published on February 6, 2019 under Winter

Today we revisited a short story that has become a favorite during flu/ illness season. We wash our hands a lot. We teach the children how to wash hands but this study seems to resonate with the children more than anything.

Great book on germs ! Watch it again with your child. Germs are everywhere. Practice good hand washing at home too

The kids were washing their hands a lot today ! They especially don’t want the green bug. 😳

Other things that happened today !

Check out the math happening naturally in our room

Non- standard measuring

( There is a video of Olivia counting to 28-29 but it won’t load here. Also , I totally missed getting a picture of Finn using a ruler to measure that same poster Anisa was working on .)

This is a great example of loose parts use. We have a kitchen set upstairs in the dress up room . Anisa however made her own oven to bake her Valentines cookies.

And we also looked up a video on how to make the best paper airplanes. Maddox ” can you make me a paper airplane ?” Me – I’m not very good at it. Maddox ” well I guess I’ll have to ask my old teacher to come to your school and teach us .” 😳 challenge accepted.

( Maddox’s first model before he asked for my help. I didn’t get a picture of our spiffy YouTube coached airplane ) Also – did you know that working on a situation and eventually asking help from someone else is a kindergarten readiness indicator?✅


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