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The Rabbit Listened

Published on February 25, 2019 under Winter

The Rabbit Listened

After reading our blog last week A dear friend thought of this book and ordered it and had it sent to the house. I reminded the kids of the day that Scarlet was so helpful to Savanna and read this book. They loved it and I think completely understood the message. Sometimes it is hard to just sit and listen. We are all fixers and want to fix “it.” The important thing about consciousness discipline is remembering not to join the chaos of our children – to just be there and breathe them through it.

What a wonderful gift ! Thanks , Rita.

Our next goal for our kiddos going into kindergarten is letter recognition. You know it’s not high on my list but if they are ready and we can teach it through play – why not ?

Today we played a letter game. I called out the letters and if a child recognized the letter they slapped it. They really liked this game.

They also asked to return to the rhyming game.

Here’s your laugh for the day –

“Ms Debbie , is that your momma ?”


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