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Kindergarten Ready

Published on February 13, 2019 under Winter

Yesterday I spent three hours at Northside in transition conferences for my littles that receive speech services here. This is a wonderful day. It’s a time I get to really introduce my kiddos to Northside in a very personal way. I get to tell them how they learn ( everyone has different styles of learning .) I get to tell them what they like to do and how amazing they are. I get to request teachers that are kind and will only lift up our kids and not squash them. It’s my pleasure to do this. I wish there was a time like this for all kids .

Today we decorated for our Valentines Day red party. The kids helped.

We read a book called ” The Day It Raines Hearts.” What if it did rain hearts. I encouraged the kids to look for hearts in nature while we were outside. Maybe you can do that at home too !

Nothing beats a tiny solo cup that’s red.

I introduced a game that featured a the terms in or out .

And … we went outside. The good news is we didn’t freeze even though we thought we might.


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