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Building Confidence

Published on February 15, 2019 under Winter

Building confidence in young children is an amazing way for them to gain resilience . When I feel in control of who I am I feel powerful. When I am confident I feel I am enough. There are several ways to build resilience in young children.

1. Give them small jobs they can be successful at. Sweeping , setting the table or wiping the sink are very doable for this age group.

2. Offer praise often by make it genuine. Instead of saying “good job ” say ” You worked so hard. Way to be president. ” Instead of saying ” that’s pretty ” point out what you like about it. ” I love that you chose red for your flowers. It’s very vibrant .”

3. Give them your attention. Don’t you feel more honored , loved and worthy when someone listens to you. Lay your phone down and play.

Today we continued work that started with a book we read a few days ago. In the book the monsters ( 1-7. Momma monster was very creative) decided to put on a show for mommas birthday. Some of the children today put on a show. They decided what their talent would be. They helped me pick out their music. They made a sign for the show

And tickets for the audience.

It was a great show.

I think some confidence was built.


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