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Published on January 10, 2019 under Winter

Being a program that practices many of the Reggio Emilia philosophies our goal is to allow the children to lead in their own learning. As I explained yesterday that means us being very active in their play at different parts of the day to intentionally add elements of learning. Another aspect of the pedagogy in Reggio Emilia is that projects or a big ideas emerge and sometimes that is how we decide what our end of year celebration will be . Last year it was storytelling and our goal was ” how to make print meaningful ” so we wrote stories and illustrated them and made puppets and put on a puppetshow. Daily we take observations of children in the seven different developmental domains and the main trend that I see happening every day is imaginative play. I’m putting a lot of thought into what that could mean for our project . How can we expand on their interest in using their imagination? Some obvious ones are adding different props , exploring the difference between real and make believe, and adding lots of literacy experiences to their play. Sometimes we overlook the obvious, so if you have ideas of things we could implement into the children’s day that would promote imaginative play on a larger scale please share your idea !

Other things that happened today:

We had visitors again. Leavie’s mom came to play . I am not sure whether she initiated it or the children did but there was a salon happening in the dress-up area. Leavis’s mom is a hairstylist so that makes complete sense. I love how she extended their play by using the silver platter as a mirror ane the kitchen tongs as a straightener.

Maybelle’s grandmother came with Rosemary and sat in a chair and snuggled and read books . We never have enough snuggling or reading time

Remember the pinecones from yesterday? Also, do you remember the rug that we were taking apart?

We combined two of our different loose parts to make a new piece of art hanging from the ceiling. I am not in love with it yet but the kids love it. Anytime you change things in the room or add beauty they are always so appreciative.

And hello Science….



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