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Welcome Back

Published on January 2, 2019 under Winter

I believe that everyone was ready to be back at school today. It was a little buzz of laughter and conversation most of the day. At any given time I felt like there were at least four kids having a conversation with me.

We had a surprise visitor. They built that he stopped in with Rosemary to visit for a few minutes. I asked him would he play the guitar and sing with us and of course he obliged.

we taught him some of our songs that we sing too. He also listen to some of our stories. Olivia told us about her adventure of having her tonsils out before Christmas break.

I love to watch the ingenuity of children when given the time and resources they need. I

I believe in the picture below scarlet need a little more privacy than the cube allowed her so she developed her own plan .

It was a good and very calm day back.


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