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Mom’n is Hard

Published on January 28, 2019 under Winter

Today I wanted to highlight two new things I’ve added to our space.

The first thing is this box with a few resources and books. If you are a reader please check out what I have in there – read and return.

I also added this perpetual calendar of consciousness discipline reminders. I was excited about this when I found it. Take a glance each day for a reminder !

I added these two specific things as a support to you cause’ Mom’n is hard.

Today we did a little more story telling. The kids enjoyed different props for Little Red Riding Hood and later you could hear the story being retold

And acted out ( look for the tail .)

I also brought out a birthday play kit that the kids loved. This prompted conversation about how we celebrate birthdays. Over the holidays we miss birthdays ( Anisa ) and on weekends ( Ariah .). We don’t like the way that feels. Tomorrow we will celebrate these two and adjust through the year for birthdays that we miss. Me Holly even thinks this might lead to an end of year project. We shall see.

Happy Monday.


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