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Published on January 14, 2019 under Winter

When I describe the perfect day at our place it always involves a huge feeling of community. In our preschool family we believe that social / emotional learning is the most vital part of growth and learning in a preschool aged child. The key to teaching social and emotional regulation or a child being strong in those skills all falls within the foundation of community in our classroom. Within this community we learn to navigate the complex social nuances as we grow, we learn how to handle big emotions, and we learn empathy and how to care for others. Today, I was reminded that we are doing something right.

In addition to that there was some intentional teaching. The children were excited about the snowflakes this morning. We also had several children saying they just did not feel well. We read this book again and I challenged the children that every time they heard me say the word sneeze or sneezy to practice coughing or sneezing the correct way to keep from spreading germs. We talked about how we sneeze in our elbow or into our shirt. It is also OK to sneeze into your hand but you need to wash your hands following an episode like that

And – we had our annual fire inspection.

We passed. 🙂


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