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But Why Visitors ?

Published on November 19, 2018 under Winter

Today was a busy day. We actually had one less person show up to spend time in out classroom then we had planned. One might ask does this disrupt our day or in anyway take away from the children ? My answer would be emphatically — absolutely not. Having visitors in our hone allows interaction with adults that children are not familiar with and all of the social nuances that go along with that. These children know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are safe in our home . Learning to engage with other adults will help our children when it’s time for them to go to kindergarten.

First thing this morning Mr. Leo stayed to play. He is amazing. The time you see Anisa ( his daughter ) with him here was very short. She was downstairs playing and he was upstairs playing. Finally I said, ” are you not playing with your dad?” and her answer was just simply- not now. Thankfully the other children loved him as much and kept him busy

Then we also had Miss Emma visit . Ms Emma comes to fill her cup. She literally loves our place so much that it gives her joy and hope to continue on her own job. That makes me feel amazing.

We also had another Savanna here. Savanna is going to Northwest Arkansas community college working toward a degree in early childhood. At her professors prompting she did part of her coursework here. So very thankful that our program is highly valued and recommended in our state.

Of course there was the normal things that went on like this –Holly reading .

Or Mr Randy telling stories.

It was another great day.


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