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Peaceful Easy Feelin’

Published on September 5, 2018 under Winter

It’s just a peaceful easy feeling –

When I started to blog this song came to mind. It’s funny how you can find peace in life even when it’s loud and not always perfect.

Today the littles seemed connected and engaged.

The art center was busier than normal. I added stamps and a stamp pad so I think it spurred interest.

Waiting on new materials isn’t easy. Did you know this is a great kindergarten skill as well ?

The title of this art work was werewolf – makes sense !

New friendships were made today ! We can never have too many.

Maddox was out sick today so Finn made him a card. He worked so hard.

” Olivia , I’m

Not sure it will show up if you color on black .”

” But I’m making a sky . Can you write middle of the night ?”

We had many parent / grandparent visitors today.

Yeah … peaceful and easy. Perfect description of our preschool family today.


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