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Back In The Saddle

Published on September 21, 2018 under Winter

It felt really good to be back in school today. Several of the littles said ” I missed you Miss Debbie .” I missed being here. Professional development is important. It’s how I continue to learn and grow but I definitely would prefer just to be here.

The Training I went on this week was the second section of three modules . I have a total of six days invested and I have three more to go. I am working on a family service manager credential.

I am gaining information that will help me better so panels that are in crisis or just need extra support.

Last night I completed all of the initial data entry necessary to rock ‘n’ roll in our wotksampling / ongoing assessment program. Work sampling is a program that gathers together tiny bits of data – that when looking at the big picture tells us where your child is and what they may need more help with. We do much of that with an app on our phone by documenting ” things we see , conversation, and art etc.”

Like this amazing picture today from Elliette. ❤️

We had a little fun with bubble wrap today

Mud puddles

But we had to get outside for a bit – do you see what I see ?

And another fun book a friend introduced me to.

Happy Friday y’all.


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