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Rain Barrel

Published on August 22, 2018 under Winter

Our intention for the day what is to introduce the rain barrel. If you remember I even forwarned you yesterday that the children should wear appropriate clothes. Ideally, this type of introduction starts with the child initiating the engagement . So our outside playtime was almost over and lo and behold what happens. I look and three children are huddled around the rain barrel trying to figure it out and washing their hands.

We called everyone over and talk about how to be responsible and what “conserve” means and what “waste” means. We even made up a couple guidelines like where the water should be made into mud and what size cup should be used to get the mud —but it was quickly forgotten as the children got excited. Instead knuckling down and sticking to the rules we decided just to see what would happen. I think the biggest lesson will come when the rain barrels are empty and they understand that when it’s used nonstop and left running that the water is gone and there’s no more fun with the rain barrel.

But boy howdy did they have fun.

. It’s always great when the parent of a child or a grandparent just happens to be in the neighborhood and stops by to say hi. That is building community.

We decided that we would spend the majority of our time outside so the children could dry before going inside . With this extended period of time for outside play we begin to see the play slow down and small groups form in the corners of the yard to play games, to talk, and to laugh. It was the best thing ever. That… It’s what we are looking for. Adults need time to build relationships. Children need time as well.

It was a good day to be a kid at Bright Beginnings.


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