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Pre-kinder Visit and STEM

Published on April 18, 2018 under Winter

I wasn’t sure what to highlight today. Two wonderful things happened. So why not talk about both ?

This morning we had a scheduled visit with Mrs Frey , the Northside Counselor. She came to read a book to the children about Northside. It’s a fantastic book that introduces them to key people in the building


Two things : The children were super excited and asked a lot of questions. You know what is wonderful about that ? They know the difference between a question and a statement. That’s BIG !

Some questions were :

1. Do you have a music room ?

2. Do you have tape ? 😂😂 ( Hey , when you are 5 and love creating its important !)

3 Do you have chicken nuggets ?

4. Do we take a nap there ?

5. Do we get to go outside twice?

Some of the questions asked I know the answer to and it breaks my heart but they will survive. Hey, I guess we can trade off some sunshine , exercise and tape for chicken nuggets and chocolate milk. 🙄

My old teacher soul ( and pride ) struggled a little when they wiggled and talked on top of each other and didn’t raise their hand to talk like I know will be expected in kindergarten . But I took a deep breath – I haven’t taught or enforced they do that. It’s not time. That’s not how we roll.

So , I will be excited that they were confident . They asked amazing relevant questions. One Little was brave enough to say ” I’m scared ” to Mrs Frey. I’ll call that a win. As she finished they asked ” Can we go play now ?” Heck yeah! Go !

The second outstanding thing that happened today was this car made from loose parts. Can you even imagine the creative ” out of the box” thinking that went on to make this happen? When you hear STEM this is the E represented. ENGINEERING. Amazing things like this only happen naturally when two things combine – time and materials.

I’m so very proud of our littles. Smart, capable and amazing.


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