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The Boat

Published on February 27, 2018 under Reggio


Today I spent more time watching the boys and the ongoing fascination they have with building a boat.  Their steps are very intentional and they discuss ( sometimes with disagreement ) what the boat needs or what should be placed where.

“Wait boys. STOP! We do not have a propeller.  We do not have the part that makes us go. ”

” Lets put that piece right there.It’s the engine. ”



Do you see some patterns in the design above ? 


” We need the wavelength part. The one that tells us how far we go. ”

” Do you have room for me ?
Other things I heard :

” Stop getting the mushy stuff. It won’t work.”  ( Some of our blocks are soft. )

” Let’s have dinner on the boat. What do you want?” as he passes a block and they pretend to eat.

I am quite intrigued by what is going on with the boat.  Will another project stem from this play? I asked the boys what we could do with the boat process tomorrow ? I asked them how they decided what would go where ? I wondered if they took paper and made a design if it would help ?  Does your boat have a name? The boat Holly went on had a name- Ecstasy.  The boat I was planning to go on had a name – Triumph.

Child -” Well, our boat has guns.”

Child – ” And it catches fish.”

Child- ” Then… maybe you can name it the gun fish catching boat.” 🙂

These are subtle provocations.  Not all provocations start with materials laid out in a specific way . Sometimes provocations are conversations.

I can’t wait to see what they do with their boat tomorrow.


( If you need me to list what pre-kindergarten skills are being practiced here I can but you know the drill by now.  )


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