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Shadow Play

Published on February 2, 2018 under funny things kids say

Today is Groundhog Day ! First we celebrated Pax’s birthday .  The little Gecko turned 5 !

Later we all sat on the carpet ( at one time which is actually pretty rare) and talked about groundhogs .

I wonder what a ground hog is ?

Child- “It’s like a hog on the ground.”

Child- ” He’s a squirrel.”

I wonder what a groundhog looks like ?

Child- ” Maybe a razorback that has huge horns.”

Child- ” Maybe a ground and a hog.”

I wonder what is groundhogs day ?

Child” His birthday?”

We watched the live footage of Punxsutawney  Phil and talked again.

Child ” He looks like a beaver or a squirrel.”

Child- ” I think he looks like a sloth,”

We read a fiction book about a ground hog and his garden. Although it was fiction it still had some great facts about a ground hog.  ** Groundhogs live in a burrow under the ground.

We had shadow play  for quite a while.

Outside Gracie said ” Why don’t we have paint out here anymore?” I replied ”  It is too cold. Your fingers get wet from washing and you would freeze.”

Gracie ” I want it warm.  Who has to follow that old ground hogs rules anyway?”


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