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Today is Tuesday Friday

Published on January 5, 2018 under family

Maybe because my day yesterday was so long and I was so tired the morning seemed to drag by.  It wasn’t bad. It just took forever and a day to make it to lunch.  But the good news is today is Tuesday Friday.  Two days in from break and we already get a couple days off.

Sometimes our littles artistic ability amazes me.  Mila did this portrait for her ” Mommy Lourdes ” ( Grandma ) without any help.  Isn’t it lovely ?  She said ” Sometimes her curls are crazy. ”  Look at that tiny waist and those beautiful lips and cheeks.  Mila, you will be famous one day.

In the excitement of being back yesterday we DID celebrate with pancakes and Anisa got a book but we neglected to let her decorate her birthday letter.  She did it today !

I think the kids were all ready to be back.   There has been such a calm wonderful feeling in the playroom.  This picture is a great representation of the activities these two days back.  I would call it ” Comfort.”

We had a surprise today .  Molly is in town for her brothers wedding and stopped by to see us.   The kids were SO excited to see her. This is what a preschool family looks like.

We did go outside and guess what we found. 

But thankfully the sun was shining so we weren’t too cold.  


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