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Published on December 6, 2017 under building community

Every day is a good day.  Even on bad days we can find something good.  Most of our days are excellent.  Hear me well…today was not a bad day… not at all.  There are just a few housekeeping type things that we were forgetting and they are things that make our lives a lot better.  I think one of the things that we begin to teach early .. even before preschool is responsibility . Not only responsibility for  ” things ” but for our actions .

Your kids LOVE art.  We have amazing wonderful art materials in our art area that are out all the time.  We don’t police them. Thankfully we were given a case of paper so we don’t even have to limit the amount of paper they use when creating.   The art materials are even carefully and beautifully arranged. At the beginning of the year I was impressed with the responsibility the littles showed with making sure marker caps were on, only using drops of glue instead of puddles and tidying up their mess.  Lately… whoa….  So today we talked about what happens if we don’t put our caps on markers or put out things away.  We talked about consequences and solutions that might solve our problem.

In the dress up area the kids are constantly reminded to clean up as you play. If you are finished with it , put it ( clothes, music , dishes ) away.   More lately there are times you can hardly walk through the room.  Mr Randy was in the kitchen.  ” Mr Randy.. when you are cooking do you just throw your dishes on the floor?”  No.. of course was his answer.  ” Do you Miss Holly  ?”  No… was her answer.  So, maybe that means that doing that isn’t safe.  The materials could get broken or someone could fall and get hurt.

This is called building community .  We had a problem.  We talked about it We all worked out a solution.  We will hold each other accountable .

It wasn’t a bad day. It was a great day. These are wonderful tools for living we are giving the children for problem solving and responsibility.

How do you do this at home ?


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