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The Leaf Man

Published on November 13, 2017 under field trips

My plan today was to walk to the library to look for and read the book ” The Leaf Man.” I know we were walking with the assumption that we would find it there but the walk was so much more than the destination.

As we walked we :

We played in the neighbors beautiful leaves.

Gracie said ” Look a pile of mulch. ” It was actually a pile of loose driveway fill ..  the stuff that makes the gravel compact. ” hmm.. What is that called ? We talked about how it looks like mulch and what the people might be using it for.

Scarlett said ” We left Mr Randy all by himself.”

We watched the electronic signs on the corners that told us when to walk or when to stop.

We looked for and listened for cars to know when it was safe to pass.

We saw Mila’s mom with two police officers and they stopped to talk to us.  ( Thankful for a small community . )

We practiced walking in a safe line with a partner. (  This is of utmost importance when we go to kindergarten and we don’t have many opportunities or needs to stand in a line. )

We reminded ourselves what happens in the library and what voice we need to use.

In the library :

We were quiet.

We looked for our book.

They did NOT have it…. fail…

But we recovered by finding a book about Thanksgiving and reading it.

( So…. I do not remember reading this in history , did the Mayflower make another stop before coming to the new world and building a community ? This book showed them stopping in Holland ? I must research this …..)

On our way home we collected leaves.

We improvised at home and watched a two minute reading of ” The Leaf Man ” on you tube.  ( If you are keeping count this is our first screen time this year. )

We made our own leaf creations.

It has been a good day.



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