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Pj Day

Published on November 1, 2017 under Halloween

We had some come in slow . We had some come in cranky. We had some come in wired . I knew the kids would be all over the place today so we prepped physically and mentally for the aftermath of Halloween. Thankfully the weather complimented our PJ day with a gray overcast sky. Days like that are good for just chilling’ and doing routine things.

Like …. self portraits .  It’s that time.   We do them once a month .

I added more new art materials to the art center .

I allowed them to take the leftover styrofoam pumpkins and create with them.  They drew on them . They  poked holes in them. They ended up with a hollow pumpkin with tiny pumpkin ” seeds .” This wasn’t my most brilliant idea.

We also did a little fine motor exercise to pass the time.

Make boo hands .

Tighten your first like pumpkins and pound then on the table .

Make a triangle above your head like a witch hat and make a witch sound.

Put your fingers on the table and move them fast like a spider.

The list goes on and on….

Happy Day after Halloween.



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