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Leaf Crushing and Dreams

Published on November 15, 2017 under classroom management

Every time I THINK I am going to have a teacher directed activity something happens that reminds me what is best for children’s learning – that I follow their lead.  Today ( since we have been talking so much about leaves ) I thought ( had greatly planned ) that we would crush leaves and use the crushed leaves to make a group collage.  Have you ever tried to crush wet leaves? It’s not gonna happen.

When I set my plans aside I have more time to listen ( really listen ) to the littles .

Elliette was talking to me about moving something upstairs in her little grumpy voice she uses sometimes and Gracie said ” Hey. Thats my job.”  I said what do you mean ? She replied “Its my job to be grumpy in the morning. ”  Well… ok then.  That really explains a lot . 🙂  Sometimes Gracie takes her job quite serious but I love the fact that she is cognizant of the emotions she is putting out there.  Obviously , I showed her the job on the cubby tag and tried to convince her she has another very real job and maybe the ” grouchy one ” should just be cast aside.  KIDS!

Tryston was drawing today and he drew a picture of a dog – complete with a pile of poop at it’s tail.  KIDS !

Gabe sat down on the steps with his head in his hands boo hoo-ing and I asked what was wrong.  Come to find out his bestie Scarlett had decided to play with Annalise for a while and he felt left out. He said his ” heart was broken. ”  Oh my.  Scarlett ( being Scarlett ) said ” Oh Gabe, its ok. You can watch us play. ”   Gabe…. you are learning life lessons with girls WAY TOO  EARLY. KIDS!


I love my job.




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